Orelia is a Professional Midwife as well as former Psychic and Analyst for the nation. Orelia is a Medium and encourages all to connect to the metaphysical realm. She is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive. She is a radio host spreading her message to Enhance the Light. She is an Author, Hypnotherapist, Breath practitioner and powerful energy healer. She has a vast understanding of energy and its affect negatively and positively on the psyche. Orelia combines her shamanistic ways with compassion from her life experiences to mentor her clients into re-framing their minds and opening their hearts. Combining healing modalities, and utilizing her knowledge of the power of the elements, constellations, rocks, oils and music–her work is brilliant and unique. Orelia is open and real, funny and kind. Her method can be a powerful transformation as she utilizes the power of Light to accompany the seeker to look within. Her sessions are usually 60-90 minutes and are highly effective whether in person or remote. Email Orelia@enhancethelight.com to schedule an Appt    Orelia Lives with her husband of 20 years, 15 beautiful children, two dogs, one cat, and one bird.

A Light in the Dark, The Field Guide was inspired by the belief that we are at war, an unseen war: A battle between Light and Dark. There is an imbalance and if we continue to ignore or stay ignorant we will be subject to an increase in attack.

This war began before this world was created.

The intention of this book is to wake you who slumber under the power of the Dark.  To instigate an increase in memory, so you know what your specific role is in this battle is—as each “Ligth Soldier” has a mission, designed before their earth existence.

This book outlines patterns that if followed will increase ones Light. And the Lighter the world becomes, the more powerful we will be in winning.

This unusual war will not be won, as assumed.

It is believed that practicing personal intuition and following ones heart and “Light core” will be the way back to remembering this war.

It is a promise that if you read this book, you will find an awakening will happen within.

This book is not easy to read, nor should it be. It might trigger you. It might open doors of pain, regret, fear, excitement, love, passion to learn more etc.

This is good. We do not have time to waste, but must open out hearts and minds to truth and as always—Joy will follow truth.

Orelia T Helias